Shriram Capital Limited
Ensuring a strong future
Life Insurance
Shriram was one of the late entrants into the Life Insurance business in India, which saw a huge influx of private players entering the industry ever since new licenses were issued in 2006.

The largest Insurance player in South Africa, Sanlam is Shriram’s partner in the Life Insurance business.

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Shriram Group has a large customer base through its Chit Funds, Transportation, Consumer Finance businesses, which serve as the initial readymade target market for Life Insurance business. Effective penetration into the customer base and an excellent leveraging of the group’s network enabled the Life Insurance business to do exceptionally well in its first 3 years of operations in comparison to the other industry players with the same vintage.

The business is now poised to expand outside Shriram’s existing geographies and customer base through a well-defined cautious strategy of expansion and investment in new branches and channels which together has the potential to make Shriram a significant player in the Life Insurance business.

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Board of Directors

Mr. Arun Duggal

Arun Duggal is Chairman of Board of Directors of Shriram Capital, Shriram Transport Finance...


Mr. DV Ravi

Ravi is the Managing Director of Shriram Capital Limited which is the holding company...


Mr. GS Sundararajan

G S Sundararajan is currently Group director, Shriram Group, and Managing Director...


Mr.R. Sridhar

R. Sridhar is the Director of Shriram Capital Limited, which is the holding company of financial....


Ms. Akhila Srinivasan

Akhila Srinivasan is Director, Shriram Capital Ltd, and Managing Director of Shriram Life.....


Mr. Johan van Zyl

Mr.Johan van Zyl, PhD (Economics) / DSc (Agric) has been the Group CEO of Sanlam since April 2003.....


Mr. Heinie Werth

Heinie Werth joined the Sanlam Group in 1998 and is currently the Chief Executive Officer ...,


Mr. Puneet Bhatia

Puneet Bhatia is the TPG Nominee of Shriram Capital Ltd...,